Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

Yes we do! Events within 2 hours of the GTA are free from any travel costs. Anything beyond 2 hours of the GTA is subject to a 50¢/km travel fee.

How big is the booth?

The booth is 10 feet by 4 feet and 7 feet high. Enough room to fit 10-15 people at once!

How many pictures do I get?

Unlimited! …well as many as you can take within your rental period. We’ll also print a copy for each guest. If 10 people go in the booth, we’ll print 10 copies for them!

Do guests pay for pictures?

Absolutely not! Our services are unlimited for the time period that we’re booked. All your guests will have to worry about is choosing props quick enough for the next picture!

There are so many photo booths, why should I pick you?

For one, we offer one of the largest enclosed photo booths in the GTA. Your guests will appreciate the sense of privacy that our booth gives them, and you’ll still be able to fit 10-15 people in one photo!

There are also few other photo booths that can offer the level of customization that we have. We have over 200 professional templates, each with different colour schemes and options. If that’s not good enough for you, we’ll make you one from scratch!

Lastly, we pride ourselves on superior customer service skills. You’ll never hear from us later than 24 hours. We’ll never half-ass your design work. If we have to go through 20 revisions of your template to get it perfect, we’ll happily do it!

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